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Curing Bad Breath

Having a bad breath can be embarrassing. It may also weigh down on one’s self-esteem since they will avoid talking where people are. However, one does not need to suffer anymore there are some effective natural ways of curing bad breath that one can try. This article will highlight the causes of bad breath and how to get rid of it.

Dry Mouth

Having a dry mouth encourages the growth of anaerobic bacteria. Dry mouth may be caused by talking for long, use of alcohol and even snoring. This causes the saliva not to flow into the mouth causing bad breath.


Some foods like garlic and onions make bad breath worse since they have sulfur in them. Some other foods like meat, dairy products, and fish are used as food by the anaerobic bacteria. Sugary foods also aggravate the situation by providing food for the odor-causing bacteria.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Some people neglect their dental hygiene causing them to have a buildup of bacteria in the mouth hence cause bad breath. This may also cause tooth decay and a wide array of dental diseases.


Some diseases like diabetes, cancer, respiratory tract infections among others cause one to have a dry mouth hence bad breath. The use of certain drugs to treat some of these conditions also aggravates the situation.



Foods are rich in fiber help in the prevention of bad breath. One should also limit the sugars and refined carbohydrates they take.

Take Teas

The teas to help one in dealing with bad breath are green and black teas. These teas have polyphenols which help in getting rid of sulfur compounds in the mouth which cause bad breath.

Proper Dental Hygiene

One will have to brush their teeth at least twice every day. In addition to that, one may also use mouthwash which is an effective way of getting rid of bad breath. One has to be careful to avoid using mouthwashes that are alcohol based since anything alcoholic dries the mouth worsening the situation. One should also stay away from any oral products which have sodium lauryl sulfate since they tend to dry the mouth as well. One should also ensure that they clean their dentures well.


One should avoid using some medicines unless it is very necessary that they use them. Medicines in this category include antidepressants, antihistamines, and antidiuretics among others. Such medicines dry the mouth by stopping the flow of blood.

Use the Nose to Breath

This addresses people who snore since they use the mouth instead of the nose to breath. One may have to address issues of sleep apnea and snoring so that they sleep well.

Drink Water

Proper hydration keeps your mouth moist hence helps in the production of saliva which enhances fresh breath.

stop smoking

Eliminate Smoking

Smokers have more chances of developing gum diseases and dry mouth. More to that, smokers also tend to use alcohol which worsens breath issues. The smokers may also have to use some of the above-mentioned medications to deal with the problems arising from smoking and alcohol use. One can avoid all these by getting rid of smoking.