Causes Of Eating Disorders

An eating disorder is a psychological condition that requires much more than a strong will and determination to conquer. The state is considered as a mental illness, but it is much more than that. Individuals who have eating disorders could have underlying issues that have nothing to do with food. Studies show that eating disorders afflict a lot of people around the world and the causes of the condition are not the same. Below are the top causes of eating disorders;


We live in a world filled with stress from wars, violence, and intense pressure from our workplaces, school, family, and friends. In addition to that, economic hardships can worsen all situations. Most people do not know how to communicate well and express themselves to other people. Instead of having a breakdown, some people resolve to binge eating as a way of dealing with the surrounding stress. Other people deprive themselves of food intentionally while others lose their appetite; therefore, they end up not eating.

Family Of Origin

Sometimes, behaviors that parents exhibit can influence the eating habits of individuals. Attitudes of parental figures have been shown to have an impact on the development of their child’s psychology. If a parent has poor eating habits, it affects their children because most of them will follow suit. The girls are most affected by their mothers’ habits. For example, a mother who takes a lot of calories is likely to have an obese child. Consequently, parents who are obsessed with model bodies will be careful with what their kids eat and the child might end up starving themselves so that they do not grow fat. Recent studies have proven that psychology.

A Call For Growth And Transformation

Most of us have grown up knowing that diseases, unwanted habits, and emotional challenges are the problem. However, there is a different view of the emotional challenges that people experience. People result to eating orders for them to overcome the challenges that they are facing. It is not a good thing to do, but it helps them to be emotionally stable.


Many women who have sought treatment for eating disorders have been victims of sexual or physical abuse. When they are abused, they are affected psychologically, and their self-esteem is crushed. Such a psychological disruption may manifest itself through eating disorders like bulimia, and anorexia among others. Some individuals punish themselves through nutritional deprivation to cover the guilt and shame. On the other hand, some may overeat to fill the void.…

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