Top Proofreading Software for Writers

Composing papers is not merely taking pen and paper and writing down your thoughts since you need to ensure your writings are correctly done. Sometimes you need grammar software to change how we write by correcting, polishing, and enriching our plain text. There are plenty of proofread software available, but finding the most trustworthy ones is not an easy task. Therefore, please read the following several critical proofread programs that help all writers sharpen their skills.


Google Docs

Pretty much all the time, writers need to share documents with other men and women. They need to do this because they need annotations or edits, or additions to the papers. The best thing about this app is a simple fact that it is free.


Similar to Google Docs, whiteboards are online text documents that can be discussed online. Also, You can edit and compare for free.

Microsoft Word

This popular software has the essence of Microsoft Office forms, but it can perform faster and better results once it has been modernized. It is included of Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. It also allows you to manage your emails, calendar, and contacts with ease. Moreover, it is an entire office suite to replace other programs like Excel and contacts.

Word Viewer

This app is also available software from Microsoft. It enables the users to view, print, and copy word texts; regardless, you don’t have Word installed.

Open Office

It is “the essential open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, images, and more.” Open Office is offered in several languages and works on all primary computers. It can also be downloaded for free via the web.


Abiword is a famous open-source word processor that is perfect for the writer looking for light and compact software. This free software has all the basic features of any word processor, and it supports that different language and operating systems.


Nowadays, many people discover the static arising from a boundless word processing program extremely distracting. Wordpad is much more straightforward to apply than Word. It also enables you to format, and its system covers your computer when operating with Windows.


WriteRoom is a complete on-screen writing environment. Nowadays, many people feel that word processing programs are too cumbersome. WriteRoom allows you to concentrate only on writing. This program can be downloaded from the internet for $25.

Dark Space

This software is the Windows version of WriteRoom. Like WriteRoom, it is green text on a black background. But with WriteRoom, you’re likely to change the environment. Nevertheless, the wonderful thing about Dark Space is that you get it for free.